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Welcome, friend! Hola, Amigos!



Tex-Mex kitchen originates from the boarders of Texas and Mexico, where, a very long time ago, met the cowboys famous ' favorites like juicy grilled meat and ribs with Mexican spices, beans, chili, corn, cheese and tortillas, creating an interesting and delicious cuisine.

In our wide and colorful menu, you can find all these mouthwatering taste combinations and it’s only a visit away!

There is also no chance that you’ll leave Margarita’s thirsty either - we offer our guests real Mexican wine and beer, different kinds of tequilas and an excellent selection of cocktails and shots.

If you are looking for a great place to have dinner with your family, host guests, meet your business partners or organize an event or party of any kind, then Modern Tex-Mex Restaurant Margarita is the place to be!

Our cozy restaurant can accommodate up to 50 people, which includes:

Up to 20 people to be seated in a „long party table“ with a view to the Endla Theater (and the beautiful Christmas tree and city in lights, when its winter Up to 16 people to be seated in the more private area with green sofas in the back of the restaurant;

Up to 12 people to be seated in our comfortable purple lounge, enjoying great cocktails and our wide selection of appetizers;

$      Kids can play, watch TV and have fun in their own nice separate playing area!


We love our guests a lot and wish to warm your hearts with amazing dishes, cozy atmosphere and a very welcoming service!

You are most welcome to come and visit us!